Shortlisted Teams For JKx 2017

This is the list of the 20 teams shortlisted for John Keells X, 2017. Of these, up to 7 may be funded companies after Demo Day (October), so keep your eye on them.

Thanks to all the teams that applied but didn’t get in. We hope you’ll remember that contests don’t determine the ultimate winners in business, the market does. We hope you’ll keep going, and keep in touch.

These are the 20 finalists, in no particular order. We’ll bring you more details about each one in the weeks to come.

  • iloan
  • Park & Pay
  • Urbandine
  • Team AD
  • DrivO
  • Vyral
  • Direct Pay
  • WebSutra
  • Traverlust
  • EatFit
  • Shoutout
  • The Troop
  • Local In Your Pocket
  • Team Mytuition
  • Meal Rides
  • Senzagro
  • Direct2door
  • Helios

The JKx Meet-Up

Thank you for everyone who attended the meet-up. If you missed it, you can watch the whole live-stream here:

If you haven’t already applied, you still have till June 25th, so don’t get those ideas ready soon.

The event was attended by Krishan Balendra, current President, Leisure, John Keells Holdings and incoming Group Chairman.

Around 70 teams that applied early were invited, as well as other guests, including CEOs from Ikman, PickMe, Takas and YAMU.

The JKx Team answered questions from the audience and from people watching the livestream.

Meetup – June 5th

John Keells X Meetup 2016

Would you like to attend a meetup with the leadership of John Keells Holdings and the KeellsX team? If you register now you can get an invite, but those are running out fast.

The best way is to apply early. We’re inviting up to 70 teams that apply by May 31st to attend the meetup. There’s no risk, you can get feedback and reapply later, but a lot of benefits.

In the startup business you’re always pitching, and you have to look out for any opportunity to network. The June 5th Meetup is a very good opportunity, so if you want to accelerate your business in the next year, we suggest you register, or apply early and attend.

Apply Early (For 2 Big Advantages)

John Keells X offers some advantages if you get your application in by May 31st. Last year most teams applied right before the deadline, but in a competition, you want to stand out, don’t you? Here are some benefits to getting your application in by the end of the month:

1. You Get Invited To The Meetup

Up to 70 teams will get invites to meet the experts, judges and people behind JKx on June 5th. This is a chance to learn more about the program, but also to pitch yourself and your idea in advance. This is a significant advantage.

2. You Can Re-Apply

If you apply by May 31st, we’ll give you feedback and you can submit your application again. This is another huge advantage. You don’t need to worry if your application is perfect, you can just apply and we’ll tell you what could improve. Imagine if you could do your O/Levels like that.

So, apply early, apply often.

Johnkeellx deadlines

JohnKeellsX Launched

The John Keells X Open Innovation Challenge was launched today, May 2nd. You can check out the coverage in the Daily Mirror, the Island, Ceylon Today and LBO.

Sri Lankan entrepreneurship is geared to hit the fast-track at the second annual John Keells X Open Innovation Challenge 2017,as teams of aspiring innovators and inventors compete for a chance to win entry into a six-month accelerator programme at JKH that offers Rs. 2 million in seed investment, a curated growth oriented curriculum, office space in Colombo, access to legal, finance and secretarial expertise, access to mentors involving senior JKH leadership, active interaction with JKH businesses, as well as the prospects of further investment during or after the six month accelerator programme. (Daily Mirror)

For more info, browse through the website or talk to out chatbot. And get your applications ready, deadline is at the end of June!