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Apply Early (For 2 Big Advantages)

May 12, 2017

John Keells X offers some advantages if you get your application in by May 31st. Last year most teams applied right before the deadline, but in a competition, you want to stand out, don’t you? Here are some benefits to getting your application in by the end of the month:

1. You Get Invited To The Meetup

Up to 70 teams will get invites to meet the experts, judges and people behind JKx on June 5th. This is a chance to learn more about the program, but also to pitch yourself and your idea in advance. This is a significant advantage.

2. You Can Re-Apply

If you apply by May 31st, we’ll give you feedback and you can submit your application again. This is another huge advantage. You don’t need to worry if your application is perfect, you can just apply and we’ll tell you what could improve. Imagine if you could do your O/Levels like that. So, apply early, apply often.